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Spring Fling 2022

We would like to thank everyone for coming out for the 2022 Spring Fling! Especially since it was difficult to find parking as there was another event at the park. We are already working on fixing this for future.

A big Thank You for all of our artists who entered the 2022 Spring Fling! This years quality was exceptional. Below are the winners, but all the artists who entered are winners. If you have not displayed in our Gallery, you are missing out. Come in and check out our Gallery, talk with some of the artists and join us! We are open Friday thru Sunday, 1pm – 5pm.

Anyways, we would like to thank our guest judge, Steve Wewerka. He is a seasoned photographer and has been in and judged too many shows to list. He took on the difficult job of judging our show in a pragmatic and professional manor. Here is his list and comments of the winners from last night…

I believe that art is, at its heart, about communication. And that technique and methodology are the tools an artist uses to convey their exceptional understanding of the world. In a unique way art reaches into the viewer creates a bond between the artist and viewer.

By using this criterion I judged the wonderful and insightful work you have all shared with us. Thank You for giving me the opportunity to view and enjoy your work.

Honorable Mention:

Any one of the honorable mentions could have placed in the top three. It was a tough decision. All exhibited great technique and compositions.

Mary Nelle Thomas: Oil painting “Fisherman’s Light”

Susan Caumont: Oil painting “Birds of the Sky”

Marcos Ruiz: Oil painting “Kissing Fish”

3rd Place:

A complex creation and vibrant visual experience. Showing both foreground and reflection is stunning. The subtle way the light moves across the image shows a mastery of technique.

Martha Cantu: Oil Painting “Los Nunu fares”

Martha Cantu with “Los Nunu fares”

2nd Place:

The whimsical feel of the eyes and contrasting color conveys a love of life. The subtle touches in the interplay of the subject matter gives a genuine sense of moment and spontaneity.

Barbara Swift: Watercolor painting “Lil Darlings”

Barbara Swift with “Lil Darlings”

1st Place:

I was stuck but the very successful use of light, balance and movement with this piece. My eye was pulled in and captured.

Shary Weckwerth: Oil painting “The Landing”

Shary Weckwerth with “The Landing”

Best in Show:

This piece conveys history and a depth of humanity. And captured what feels like a generational connection to the land. The use of color and shape interwoven with subject matter structured a complex and insightful visual experience.

Chris Soto: Acrylic painting “Starlit Night”

Chris Soto receiving Best in Show award

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